TRE® – Tension Stress & Trauma Release Exercises – East London

TRE East London uses the revolutionary tension, stress and trauma release process called TRE® to help you manage anything from mild stress and tension to trauma.  TRE is simple, safe and effective.  Once you have learnt it you can practice safely in comfort of your home, as and when you wish, to relieve tension, stress and trauma whenever and however it is manifesting in your life.

Spike Warwick and Daren De Witt, of TRE East London, are Certified TRE Providers, trained by the TRE College.  We can teach you how to do TRE on a one to one basis, or you can come with a friend, relative or partner to our East London venue.  Visit our TRE private training or TRE group training pages for more information.

What is TRE – Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises?

TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise) is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance.

TRE® is based on the fundamental idea, backed by recent research, that stress, tension and trauma is both psychological and physical. TRE®’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing. After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being.

TRE® emerged out of Dr. David Berceli’s work with large traumatized communities while living in Africa and the Middle East. His observation and exploration led him to understand that this natural shaking/vibrating response appears to be the body’s own built-in system for quieting down the brain and releasing muscular tension as a way of healing itself from chronic stress, tension and trauma.

TRE® has helped many thousands of people globally. TRE® is a safe and effective stress release technique for most people. The TRE process should not be used as a substitute for trauma recovery procedures of a medical or psychiatric/psychological nature. Individuals who have physical or psychological conditions that require strict regulation, individuals with fragile psychological defenses, a complex history of trauma or restricting physical or medical limitations should consult their medical practitioner or a Certified TRE Provider prior to performing these exercises.

Videos about TRE – Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises

Here is a short video of David Berceli, the creator of TRE, introducing the basic theory of TRE:

C Lamb, a software technician, explains how TRE has helped him to relax and let go of work-related stress:

An ex-marine pilot and Iraq Vet on how TRE has helped him:

Finally, David Berceli explaining TRE from a medical perspective: