About Our TRE Trainers

About our Certified TRE Providers

Spike Warwick and Daren De Witt are certified TRE Providers, certified to teach you TRE safely and effectively, one to one or in a group.

Spike Warwick – TRE East London

Spike has been providing bodywork treatments since 1989, including Eastern energetic techniques such as shiatsu and Thai massage, as well as anatomically-based Western approaches such as deep tissue, sports and remedial massage.

She is a qualified yoga teacher and an experienced mental health trainer. For over 15 years she has provided support and awareness-raising groups and workshops across the UK to de-mystify ‘mental illness’ and promote positive mental health.

TRE is one of her favourite processes because it is natural and can be adapted to be comfortable for all bodies, and because it works with both the nervous system and the physical body. Clients have reported a greater sense of calm, as well as more physical ease, after just one session, and the benefits deepen with practice. In our fast-paced world TRE is a perfect tool for getting rid of excess stress hormones, releasing pent-up emotional strain, and bringing our minds and bodies back into greater balance.

Spike is known for her compassion, warmth and humour, and she aims to work sensitively and creatively to ensure that people learning TRE with her have a positive and supported experience. Her hope is that you too will discover the benefits and delights of this amazing technique!

Daren De Witt – TRE East London

Daren has been exploring the human psyche for his whole adult life. Daren is a senior London representative of the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, and he has been practicing and sharing NVC (Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication) since the year 2000. NVC helps us to connect deeply with ourselves through connection with our emotions and with the powerful human needs that motivate all our actions.

Daren is also trained in Voice Dialogue, a non-judgemental process that helps self connection and self awareness, through exploring the sub-personalities that are active within us.

Conscious that these processes don’t always manage to get to and release the deepest energies within us, Daren was looking for some time for a body process that complements and supports NVC and Voice Dialogue. Daren was delighted to come across TRE in the year 2015, and he likes the way that TRE helps self connection without the need to analyse why we are feeling what we are feeling in our bodies. TRE works from our bodies up into our brain, or emotional/limbic system, rather than down from our brain or neo-cortex, into our emotions (limbic system).

Daren likes the way that TRE synergises with the other modalities that he offers, so that he can support people more fully and effectively.